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The Internet: Dynamic e-Business

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What is Dynamic e-Business?

Dynamic e-Business is more than just e-commerce. Dynamic e-Business consists of three major disciplines:

Web Page Design
Good web page design requires both a sense of aesthetics and technical expertise. But the most important element is content. Customers surf the web primarily for information, so it is more important to create relevant content which loads quickly, than to build flashy pages that slow things down. Crowe Computer Support will show you how to construct a professional, content-rich website which customers appreciate.

e-Commerce isn't just selling things over the web. It also consists of interacting with customers to provide information and take in feedback. Crowe Computer Support can help you optimize your present information system to do e-Commerce.

Web Services
Web Services are the future of business-to-business (b2b) commerce. They have the potential to replace Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with more functionality at far less cost than present EDI solutions. Furthermore, Web Services can be used within the organization as well as between trading partners.

Web Services are:

EXtensible Markup Language is the universal language of Web Services. It is an extension of HTML which describes data, as well as displaying the data itself.

Simple Oject Access Protocol is an internet-friendly way of using XML to send messages to request various Web Services.

Web Services Description Language is used to describe everything which needs to be known in order for requesting systems to use a Web Service.

Universal Description Discovery and Integration is a directory of services for any company, site, or server which offers Web Services.

To put it simply:
UDDI tells a requesting system who has a Web Service and where to find it.
WSDL tells a requesting system how the services can be used.
SOAP sends messages back and forth between the Web Service site and the requesting system.
XML is the language everything is written in.

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