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Should You Choose Crowe Computer Support as your iSeries/AS400 Specialist?

Yes, if you want experience. Crowe Computer Support, an IBM Business Partner, has been working with the iSeries/AS400 from the beginning in 1988, and with the AS400's predecessors -- the venerable System 36 and System 38. Over 18 years of experience in IBM Midrange systems altogether.

Yes, if you have legacy code. Crowe Computer Support can give new life to your legacy software by designing graphical interfaces (GUI's), or placing your business on the web. The latest versions of OS/400 have everything you need to make it happen. Crowe Computer Support can make the most of your investment.

Yes, if you want to integrate other aspects of your business into your existing system. The IBM iSeries/AS400 is a surprisingly open system. Would you like to automate your warehouse? Need accurate labor reporting? Want to integrate your AS/400 database with the rest of your office software, like Word or Excel? Crowe Computer Support can show you how.

  • Transaction programming
  • Client-server programming
  • Dynamic e-Business
  • Office integration

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