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Information Technology
Linux -- The "duct tape" of operating systems.

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More companies than ever are running Linux. 59% of all the webservers on the internet run the open source Apache web server software package -- most under Linux. IBM recently ported Linux to their entire line of computing platforms including the S390/z-Series, AS400/iSeries, RS6000/pSeries, and Netfinity/xSeries servers. Linux is ready for prime time! Click here to learn more about Linux.
Should you consider using Linux in your business?

Yes, if you have a tight budget. Linux is a very powerful, yet low-cost operating system. Most Linux applications have been developed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Unlike other software licenses the GPL is intended to guarantee the freedom to share and change free software--to make sure the software is free for all its users. In most cases, this means there are no licensing fees, no copy restrictions, and less per-seat and per-server costs than with other software.

Yes, if you have a special need. Linux is not only cheap, it requires fewer resources. An old PC, such as a 486 with 16mb of RAM, headed for the dumpster, can become a very suitable email server, web server, print server, or file server using Linux. Do you have a department which needs its own server, but can't afford the thousands of dollars it would cost? Linux may be a solution. Running Linux means fewer expensive hardware upgrades.

Yes, if you want stability and security. Some operating systems, such as Windows NT or 2000, are easier to use, but have frequent down time, and are riddled with security holes. This means you need an expert to fix problems more often. Linux is stable, reliable and secure.

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