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Should You Choose Crowe Computer Support as your Visual Basic Programmer?

Yes, if you need experience. Microsoft Visual Basic is a great programming tool, but it can only perform as well as the programmer using it. Crowe Computer Support has almost 20 years of programming experience in a variety of business models. Many Visual Basic programmers have no experience with enterprise systems or software. Experience with large-scale, multi-user systems sets Crowe Computer Support apart.

Yes, if you want reliable software. There is a tendency today to "slap code together" then troubleshoot the bugs later. This costs money. At Crowe Computer Support we believe in doing things right the first time. No one can guarantee a totally bug-free application, but built-in redundancy, modular construction, and rigorous testing can eliminate 99% of future problems.

Yes, if you need to integrate your office applications with your enterprise system or the internet. Example: your customer database is on the mainframe, but you need to produce a regular mailing using Microsoft Word. Crowe Computer Support can do it. Example: your accounting system produces an accurate balance sheet, but you want to make the report look better for the board of directors. Crowe Computer Support can show you how.

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  • Office integration
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